BDATA’s Patent pending BIoT technology offers blockchain
driven multilayer cybersecurity solution to enable companies
at high risk to enjoy full financial and operational benefits
out of IoT, AI & 5G technologies.
Read More Global Internet of things connections. 12 Billions Vulnerable connections 78% Industries at High Risk Nuclear, Power Grid, Mining

Defence and Oil & Gas
Blockchain Network of IoT (BIoT)
is a Secure, Immutable and Trusted
Network of IoT Simcards & Devices

Blockchain Network of IoT Devices (BIoT)

We provide Network, Application and Device level cyber security to ensure 24/7 Device Integrity & Device Management along with
Cryptographic Encryption & Immutable Data Streaming from IoT assets ( Drones, IoT Gateway/Edge Devices, PLC , SCADA etc.) to cloud.


BIoT Simcards

SIM/eSIM extends the reach of M2M secure communication from specific physical locations, to any location where the device can be reached over the internet.

  • Cryptographic Authentication
  • Timestamped Data Streaming
  • 24/7 Internet connectivity
  • M2M Low Data Latency

Device Management

IoT gateway devices are not meant to be inspected regularly due the remote deployment that's why remote device management is an essential requirement for IoT use cases.

  • Enable/Disable Application
  • Enable/Disable End Points
  • Device Setting Control
  • Remote Deployment

Device Integrity

Device integrity should be the top priority, since bad actors can steal device and get the access to the sensitive data.

  • Cryptographic Authentication
  • Device Management
  • Data Immutability
  • BIoT Network Ledger Consensus
  • Application Immutability

BIoT Gateway Device

Blockchain enable gateway device comes with multiple different features, that includes secure connectivity, immutable data streaming, device integrity and device management, which makes device highly secure from physical and virtual cyberattacks.

  • Secure Connectivity
  • Data Immutability
  • Device Integrity
  • Device Management

BIoT Simcards

Blockchain enable Simcards comes with cryptographic authentication over the known network peers to ensure the user profile is stored in hashes to avoid cyberattacks.

  • Secure Connectivity
  • User Profile Immutability
BIoT Simcard

Secure Digital Twin - IPMS

BDATA offer highly secure digital twin platform named as Intelligent Plant Management System (IPMS). Hundreds of virtual sensors have been incorporated in IPMS for many equipment such as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, furnaces to perform real-time process and predictive analytics in 48 hours advance to avoid equipment failure. IPMS also provides 3D visualization, real-time video streaming, as well as AI driven liquid, fire, human and safety PPE detections modules.

  • Blockchain Driven Secure Connectivity
  • Data Immutability
  • Device Integrity
  • Device Management
  • Virtual Sensors

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Data Analytics

150 +

Data Management

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Managed Analytics

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