BIoT is an award winning embedded cyber security
technology, which provide protection & prevention
against advance cyber attacks on critical Infrastructures
with complete endpoint analytics and management.
Read More Blockchain Network of IoT (BIoT)
is a Secure, Immutable and Trusted
Distributed Network of Edge Devices/
PLC/SCADA and Simcards

Achieve Affordable & Successful Digital Transformation Objectives
with The Combination of BIoT Technology & BDATA's On The Premise
Digital Twin Platform For The Highest Return on Investment.

Blockchain Network of IoT (BIoT)

We provide Network, Application and Device level cyber security protection and real time intrusion analysis to ensure 24/7 Device Integrity & Device Management. All the device with BIoT SDK create a secure cryptographic chain network of devices, which ensure that all the devices are known and managed securely as per NIST, HIPA and other cyber security standards to meet compliance requirements.


Easy to Deploy Blockchain IoT (BIoT) SDK

For Secure, Immutable and Auditable Data Streaming

3 Easy Step to deploy BIoT SDK on legacy gateway devices, PLC and SCADA system to ensure end to end secure data streaming with network intrusion analysis and embedded machine to machine cryptographic authentication.

    1. Download & Install BIoT SDK  on Device
    2. Enroll Device on BIoT Ledger
    3. Start Secure Data Streaming

Difference Between BIoT & VPN

Blockchain IoT

VPN – Virtual Private Network

        1. Centralized Authentication
        2. Expensive then BIoT.
        3. Not an Embedded Cyber Security
        4. No Real Time Intrusion Analysis
        5. Required Assistance in the deployment
        6. No Machine to Machine Authentication
        7. No End – Point Management

BIoT – Blockchain Network of IoT

    1. Decentralized Authentication 
    2. Cheaper then VPN Technologies
    3. Embedded Cyber Security
    4. Real Time Intrusion Analysis
    5. No Assistance Required, 3 Easy Steps to Deploy
    6. Machine to Machine Cryptographic Authentication 
    7. End-Point Management 

BIoT Simcards

Blockchain enable Simcards comes with cryptographic authentication over the known network peers to ensure the user profile is stored in hashes to avoid cyberattacks.

  • Secure Connectivity
  • User Profile Immutability
BIoT Simcard

Secure Digital Twin - IPMS

BDATA offer highly secure digital twin platform named as Intelligent Plant Management System (IPMS). Hundreds of virtual sensors have been incorporated in IPMS for many equipment such as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, furnaces to perform real-time process and predictive analytics in 48 hours advance to avoid equipment failure. IPMS also provides 3D visualization, real-time video streaming, as well as AI driven liquid, fire, human and safety PPE detections modules.

  • Blockchain Driven Secure Connectivity
  • Data Immutability
  • Device Integrity
  • Device Management
  • Virtual Sensors

820 +

Data Analytics

150 +

Data Management

30 +

Managed Analytics

100 +

Big Data

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