Cyber Security Made Easy Using One Single Application

Blockchain-enabled end-to-end encryption protects data from being intercepted by unauthorized entities. BIoT’s Hyperledger-based architecture ensures that data reaches the right recipient by providing it with a unique digital signature, such that it can only be accessed by cryptographically secured, X.509 standard-compliant digital identity associated with the recipient.



BIoT offers cryptographically secured data streaming channels, smart contracts, and machine-to-machine authentication to ensure that only devices authenticated by multiple peers are part of the network. If a node is compromised and turns malicious, network integrity is still preserved due to its decentralized nature.



Our lightweight solution streams and collects device data for performance and security analytics. A major hurdle in any business is unforeseen equipment failure and its associated costs. In addition to providing blockchain’s security, BData’s predictive model also provides a 48-hour notice before equipment failure, thus reducing operation and maintenance expenses (OPMEX) by 20-40%.

BData’s decentralized authentication system helps meet compliance standards like FISMA, NERC-CIP, GLBA etc. by regulating file permissions, logging status changes, and recording modifications.

Each file has a unique, cryptographically encrypted digital signature that is used for network validation and is subject to change upon modification. Unauthorized changes or access can thus immediately be detected by the network, and compromised nodes can be identified.


BIoT provides real-time intrusion detection by identifying anomalous data, unauthorized activity, and malware. It also features real-time cybersecurity auditing to provide customers with an accurate assessment of the integrity of their current configuration.

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