Syed Zeeshan Bari

Syed is a serial entrepreneur. Syed has started looking into ways to help businesses to defend against cyber attacks. Before Syed founded BDATA, he successfully ran crypto mining business.

Earlier Syed worked as a process engineer working at Chiyoda Corporation, and later, he joined Wood Group Corporation as a project engineer in charge of digital transformation of equipment for industrial clients such as Shell, Brunei LNG, etc. During his professional career, Syed accumulated 12 years of professional work experience in digital transformation.



Owen Wang

Owen is the co-founder of BDATA Solutions Inc. He is a technology enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit. Owen also dedicates his free time to kendo, a Japanese fencing sport, where he led a local team many times in national tournaments.

He is also a registered professional Electrical Engineer operating in Ontario and Schulich MBA alumni. With a deep understanding of both the technology and business development worlds, Ya Ou is Currently helping BDATA in terms of business growth.

Automation Advisor

Thomas Lichtenberger

Thomas is a proven CEO with 15 years of leadership experience in the dynamic global automation technology and education market. Results and value driven (Sales growth, EBIT/EVA maximization, OPEX control/reduction, Cash Flow management). He is widely recognized for business development, growth strategies, and execution. Successfully led turnarounds and major organizational transformations in North America and Europe Thomas demonstrated abilities to incorporate state-of-the-art emerging technologies and cultivate highly profitable partnerships. He possesses strong engineering and business management competencies with an excellent analytical skillset to develop effective solutions for business challenges.

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