The data stored in the BIOT protected devices are temper-proof and protects the integrity of the data. The network is decentralized, making it impossible for hackers to compromise the system even if they were able to hack into on-premise devices. Finally, the data stored in the network is distributed. Each device is acting as a node storing all transaction data. The BIOT Gateway device uses separate channels for authentication and communication. The dual channels configuration method guarantees data privacy while protecting the system.

About Supermicro Computer, Inc.

Supermicro Computer, Inc. is a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology, today announced that its global partnership with BDATA Solutions Inc a Toronto, Canada based company to offer, first ever embedded blockchain simcard driven enterprise computing, storage, and IoT gateway devices solution to customers in telecommunication, smart city, industry 4.0, and defence sectors.

About BDATA Solutions Inc,

BDATA Solutions is an innovative blockchain and data driven organization to provide world first BIOT simcard with blockchain data security, today announced that its global partnership with Supermicro to provide BDATA technology for the deployment on Supermicro IoT gateway devices for customers in telecommunication, smart city, industry4.0 and defence sectors.